Larimer County, CO

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Financial Support for our 4-H Program

Over $400 in donations received from King Soopers and Amazon Smile reward programs!

Jan – Apr 2022 – The foundation received $458.84 in support from King Soopers Community program – this is with only 39 Households.  There  are over 600 Households enrolled in Larimer County 4-H. Just imagine what this could be without any out of pocket  expense involved.  THANK YOU! Amazon Smile – We received $35.74 from…
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King Soopers Reward Program

EVERYONE NEEDS GROCERIES, SO WHY NOT LET A PERCENTAGE OF YOUR GROCERY BENEFIT LARIMER COUNTY 4-H YOUTH FOUNDATION? We know that supporting Larimer County 4-H Foundation should never be difficult. King Soopers has launched a new program to make it EASIER than ever before to help area nonprofits. All you need to do is REGISTER your…
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