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Funding Requests

Financial Support for our 4-H Program

4-H Funding Requests

Operating from the philosophy that leaders aren’t born but are grown, the Larimer County 4-H Foundation provides financial support thru 4-H funding requests to create new and enhanced opportunities for more youth to gain valuable leadership skills.

Foundation Financial Policies


While financial support to designated events is available without official request, additional funding allocation requests may be made to the Foundation Board by completing the Funding Request Form. 
Written requests should be sent to the Foundation, with a copy of the 4-H funding request sent to the Larimer County 4-H Extension Office. Requests will be reviewed by the Foundation Board within seven days after the request is received. If you have questions regarding potential 4-H activities that might qualify for funding, please contact the Larimer County 4-H Foundation via email below.

Foundation Email


The Larimer County 4-H Foundation has the ability to create a Special Account Fund for Larimer County 4-H clubs and/or individuals associated with Larimer County 4-H that want to save for the purchase of a large item and need an account for this specific purpose. The Foundation will hold the funds for up to three years, with an extension provided in extenuating circumstances. To learn more about the creation of a Special Account Fund, please contact Cindy Buckardt via email below.

Foundation Email